Things to do

Things to do

When you arrive and meet our amazing staff and see our facilities you will see little reason to leave, we have some great amenities and things to do on property but we are also not far from other things to do in the center of Accra since we are so centrally located.

On property

The Pool:

It is by no accident that the pool is at the center of our property. This is where you will find relaxation and a place to cool down while finding your center. Our beautiful blue waters will let you forget about where you are and let you find the moment of relaxation you are looking for or the fun with your friends family or coworkers. Our pool is fully serviced by our poolside bar with a full selection of wines, cold drinks and cocktails to assist in making the most of your down time.

The Gym: 

We all live hectic lives and having the ability to blow off some of this steam while traveling is important for our health and mental health. Our fully equipped gym is here for your mind and body to help you build the strength and endurance that makes you amazing. 

Salon and Spa:

Relaxation in a sanitary environment with knowledgeable professional staff is our mission. We will attend to your skin, your hair, your muscles and your spirit when you come and visit us in our tranquil environment with cool and emasculate treatment rooms. We would love to go over with you our array of options for skin, hair, and nail treatments, aromatic and traditional massages along with facials, scrubs and body treatments.


We have so many amazing dining and drinking options on property you can have a little bit of everything. We have our signature continental restaurant with international fair, live hibachi dinning, grand buffets, and even local dishes. If you would like some liquid bliss our wine bar sets the stage with walls of beautiful bottles and dark enchanting wood décor. If you have a taste for the exotic you should really take a seat around one of our round tables perfect for sharing a family style Chinese meal in our Chinese Restaurant.

Off property and around Accra

  • Accra Mall - 15 minutes away, featuring shopping, movie theater and dinning
  • Nearby Dinning and Coffee Shops - There are plenty of dining options and some coffee shops in the surrounding areas.
  • Accra Polo Grounds - only 10 minutes away this is your spot for polo and other field related enjoyment.
  • Achimota Golf Course - 15 minutes away this idyllic 18 hole golf course will give you a change to play your favorite game in Ghana.
  • Marina Mall - 15 minutes away right around the airport another option for dinning and shopping
  • Achimota Retail Center - 20 minutes away another shopping mall and more choices of restaurants and entertainment, the newest in Accra.
  • University of Ghana - 20 minutes away, like any University it can be a place for meetings, constant events, and also a botanical gardens.
  • Osu Oxford street and Mall - 20 minutes away, this is entertainment central, the street is lined with shopping, eateries, restaurants, and another mall.
  • Nima Grand Mosque - 5 minutes, this mosque is an impressive sight built in the grand style of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque.
  • James Town - 25 minutes away, also known as Old Accra this is a historic area with 2 colonial forts, a light house and a lot of colonial architecture. It is a good place for art lovers, and to take a walking tour.
  • Labadi Beach - 25 minutes away, this is the cleanest beach in Accra and is where all the beach chilling goes down on the weekends and evenings, it is a great place to get some fresh air and do a lot of people watching.
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